At CrossFit South Delta we believe that being present in day to day activities is an important part of anyone’s overall wellness.

Which is why we are proud to include 2 yoga classes per week for all CFSD members. If you are wanting a yoga only pass we offer monthly and punch pass options.

At this time our yoga program is suitable for those wanting to add a yoga session or 2 into their weekly routine.

At this time we offer classes at 7:30pm Wednesdays, and 11:00am on Saturdays.

Our yoga program will help students:

  • Use breathe as a tool to develop a better connection with their mind and body, and subside discomfort.
  • Better manage stress and improve focus.
  • Improve flexibility, stability, coordination and balance.
  • Improve recovery from various training programs.

Our Yoga Only Rates:

*This applies to the Wednesday 7:30pm and Saturday 11:00am classes.

Monthly Pass

$59.99 per month

10 Class Pass


Corporate Yoga