CrossFit South Delta
Two years ago I was a 220lb -on a good day- couch potato, 50 year old father of three boys. I had done no serious exercise since running half marathons nearly 30 years ago.

I’d had some forays into gym life following a shoulder injury but the lack of instruction and interaction with others dampened the experience. With a minimal program it quickly became mundane and samey.

I had an idea of CrossFit as one of my sons had started and my sister had sung its praises for some time. I signed up for the intro class which only highlighted how unfit I knew I was. Couldn’t do more than 3 push-ups, could only hold a plank for about 20 secs, no pull ups at all and hated the burpee. The next three or four days were painful but I went back and carried on with the intro classes. Over the next few weeks Terri-Lyn took me thru the basics of weight lifting and the core movements of CrossFit but it wasn’t until I took the plunge into a regular class did the real benefit of CrossFit dawn on me, the people around you who welcome you, encourage you, accept you and ultimately push you to achieve more than you thought. CrossFit is not a gym full of young trendy people only there to look good, CrossFit is not full of machines with cup holders and tv screens. CrossFit is where the machines have two arms and legs and where the spirit of community is thriving. I have no means to compare other boxes as I have never been but the team and the community of CFSD have set the bar high. I am now 52 years old and have never been in better shape in my life. Combined with smarter eating and CrossFitting 3 - 4 times a week I have dropped well over 40lbs but gained strength, stamina and friends. Jeordie and Terri-Lyn will listen to you, support you, encourage you, push you and annoyingly show you that working out is fun, addictive, challenging and rewarding. Would I recommend CrossFit? Without hesitation! Do it to be healthy and gain a great sense of achievement. Simon, 52 and getting younger every day! PS – Still hate burpees!