On a daily basis we are heavily bombarded with dogmatic nutritional marketing. From different celebrity fad diets to conflicting views of social media gurus, misinformation can go viral in minutes which makes healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices somewhat confusing and overwhelming.

At CrossFit South Delta we have several programming options to help you make informed choices in regards to your nutrition. This means you can rest assured that your efforts in the gym are supported by your diet – rather than sabotaged!

Our nutrition team; Katrina Smith and Ben Borg of Married To My Macros – Performance Nutrition Coaching will assess your health status, current nutritional knowledge, habits and behaviors as well as your personal health and performance goals before making any recommendations.

We have experience working with both elite level athletes and those who are at the beginning of their wellness journey.

Individualized Nutrition Program

Programs Include:

  • In-person or remote sessions.
  • Ongoing assessment and education.
  • An individualized nutrition plan.
  • Nutrition plan adjustments.
  • Email and online support
  • Access to CFSD events.

Step 1 – Sign up for a free assessment

Simply use the form on this page. The assessment is one hour long and gives our team the opportunity to make sure you are a suitable candidate for our program, and to start collecting the information needed to get you started. It gives you a chance to get your questions answered.

* You program will be provided to you after you choose a membership package.

Step 2 – Start your membership

* check in sessions are 30 mins.

4 Sessions per month

$450 month 1
$399 month 2+
* minimum 3 month commitment

2 Sessions per month

$220 month 1
$179 month 2+
* 3 month commitment

2 Sessions per month

$220 month 1
$159 month 2+
* 6 month commitment

Custom Quote

* Provided on request
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