How to Start

This session is free and is a private or semi private training session. You will have a chance to get all of your questions answered and to experience our coaching. 

The session includes: a tour of our facility, introduction to our methods, and a physical assessment which includes a short workout. At the end of your free session your coach will recommend one of our "Fundamentals Packages" based on your ability and comfort level.

For the session it is recommended that you show up in workout clothes, with a water bottle, and a snack for after.  The session length varies, but is generally around 1 hour.

Simply fill out the form on this page to set up your free private session!

Based on your goals, assessment and preferences your coach will recommend a fundamentals package.  All of these sessions are personal training. 

After you have completed your fundamentals package you will move into an ongoing membership (see step 3).  It is our commitment that before you start our group classes that you understand how to train safely, effectively and are set up to have lots of fun along the way! 

Rates start as low as $284.50 /mo for an individual or $229.99 /mo if you start with a friend or family member.

Unlimited classes

1 Year Contract - $174.50 /mo

Unlimited classes

No Contract - $199.99 /mo
Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to our coached classes.
  • Crossfit group classes
  • Gymnastics 101 classes
  • Barbell classes
  • Open gym (see schedule for open gym times)
  • Software for tracking your workouts and planning out your sessions.
  • Access to our Zen Lounge.
  • CFSD community events. *some events have extra costs attached.