Liam’s Going Away BBQ

Sunday Aug 20, 2017 was a bittersweet day at CFSD. We got together to give coach Liam a proper farewell. He is off the Okanagon to pursue his kinesiology degree. While he will be missed, we are very happy that he is pursuing his education and look forward to him coming for visits when he is in town.

The action kicked off at around 4:00, with a massive team work out. Afterwards everyone hung around for a BBQ, I could not believe how much food everyone brought. It was a good thing everyone had just worked out, otherwise we would have had a mountain of leftovers.

Some highlights:

– 40+ CFSD community members showed up for the send off.
– Spikeball in the parking lot.
– Jeordie and Wes managed to fit inside of a recycling bin for an ice bath.
– The rest of the ice water was dumped on Liam. (Wouldn’t be a proper send off if we didn’t.)
– I don’t think Mason managed to hide Liam’s shoes this time.

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