Canadian Affiliate League Team for CFSD


We are looking to submit a team or teams to the upcoming Canadian Affiliate League season. The season runs six weeks, from October 11, 2015 through to November 22, 2015. A one day playoffs will be held November 29, 2015 at Hybrid Athletics, in Langley.

Each team will consist of 4 to 8 athletes. The events will be held Thursday nights or Sundays. Some events will be at out gym and some will be at other gyms. For the playoffs, a team must have 2 guys and 2 girls.

Cost is $400 per team and t will be split among team members. If you want a CAL League t-shirt that will be an extra $12.

There will be 3 WODs at each event. Each event must have at least 1 of each sex. Each event can be with different team members (maybe to play to the strength of team members).

WODs will be released Fridays on the Canadian Affiliate League website.

Let Jeordie or Kristina know if you are interested. Right now it looks like we have two teams for sure and possibly a third one.

For more information on CAL go to