Fully Equipped Workout Space

7198 Vantage Way Unit #117

Crossfit South Delta has a workout area equipped with everything you will need for before, during and after your workout.  Our large bay door opens up for fresh air and light while you sweat.  We also have a washroom both downstairs and upstairs.  The upstairs washroom has a shower so you can get back to work smelling great!

Our equipment includes: A custom pullup/squat rig, a wall mounted pullup/squat rig, a variety of barbells, airdynes, concept 2 rowing machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, handstand/wall ball stations, medicine balls, mobility gear, jerk boxes, plyometric boxes, and rings.

Upstairs Zen Lounge

As you walk in
Relax before or after your workout
Enjoy a post workout meal

Why rush out the door right after you finish working out?  The lounge is a place for relaxation and connecting with others. It is ideal for; reading or studying, playing board games, tea or coffee, meditation, workshops, yoga and socials.

This room is a reflection of the strong connected community at CFSD.

Our Gym Library

This is a collection of books and resources put together by our coaches.  You can either enjoy reading in the comfort of the Zen Lounge, or you can sign out the book and borrow it for up to a month!

We believe that your growth with Crossfit South Delta is not confined to our workout space.

Multi Purpose Area

This area has a coffee table, a couch and a mix of comfy chairs and cushions.  Hang out with your new CFSD friends, read, study, meditate or get some work done in the comfort of our lounge.

Other Features

  • Meeting table.
  • Tea and coffee area.
  • An open area for a variety of workshops.