GAPS & Joint Pain

Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) is a lifestyle protocol based on diet, detoxification and supplementation.  I have mentioned this plan to many of you recently, as it is way of eating/preparing food and healing gut dysbiosis that I truly believe in.  Lately there have been some complaints of joint/muscle pain and fatigue.  Of course CrossFit is going to result in some stiffness and aches and pains.  However, after reading this post by Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist, I wonder how much of our aches and pains could be reduced, and maybe even eliminated, if we first took care of any gut imbalances we may have.  Read her post here about how temporarily eliminating grains and disaccharides resolved her lower back issues.  She states:

I don’t usually eat many grains anyway, but have gone off them completely to solve some lower back pain issues I’ve been having intermittently.   Guess what?   My back pain has completely gone (I’ve also lost 7 lbs despite my valiant attempts not to lose any weight at all), so my hunch that it was somehow caused by some minor gut inflammation spreading to my lower back area appears to be correct.   My back pain was the ONLY clue or symptom I had that my gut was slightly imbalanced.  I wonder how many folks realize that their back pain (and other joint pain) is potentially caused by gut imbalance? 

She continues her post with a listing of her food choices for the week.  Note that with almost every meal she has some form of fermented food (kombucha, kefir), all highly beneficial foods for a healthy gut lining, which she discusses in the following video.

A more recent post of hers discusses how to determine the best Traditional Diet for You.  It’s another fascinating read (at least I believe so!).  Give it a look.  What is your ethnic background?  What are the foods traditionally eaten by your cultural ancestors?  I just purchased Dr. Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, so will bring it into the gym if you are interesting in looking up the traditional foods typically enjoyed by your cultural ancestors.  In good health…happy weekend everyone :)