A Brand-New Start!

I read this article today and had to share it, this is what CrossFit is all about, read and enjoy. A personal story of different kind of success . Wow. I’m completely overwhelmed with love and support from yesterday! In case you didn’t see the millions of posts, yesterday I competed in my first individual scaled competition at CrossFit781 in Weymouth. I was apprehensive to sign up, because I’m not an athlete- by any stretch of the imagination. I never have been. So I talked to my coach, and he sort of eased my mind, and I signed up. I was fine for a while- there were a lot of people from my box in the competition- so I would be at ease. Then the wods were released. One of them included 25 20″ box step ups. If you’ve followed …

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Not Everyone Is Beautiful

Every two or three days, I see an article or blog post or forwarded inspirational quote about beauty. It’s usually something affirming like “You are beautiful, whether you know it or not.” “We are all beautiful.” “Everyone is beautiful to somebody.” It’s cheerful stuff. It builds the self-esteem, makes people feel valued, and spreads joy and happiness across the internet. It’s also bullshit. And you know it’s bullshit, because you really wanted to laugh at that picture. Everyone is not beautiful. Some people have tumors the size of a second head growing out of their ears. Some people have skin like the Michelin man. Some people lose fingers, legs, or eyes in horrific assembly-line machine accidents. People have warts and blemishes and hair loss and dead teeth and lazy eyes and cleft palates and third nipples and unibrows. There are plenty of …

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Butter Is Back

  campaign: nyt2014_sharetools_mkt_opinion_47K78 — 249335, creative: nyt2014_sharetools_mktg_opinion_47K78 — 375123, page: www.nytimes.com/yr/mo/day/opinion/bittman-butter-is-back.html, targetedPage: www.nytimes.com/yr/mo/day/opinion, position: MiJulia Child, goddess of fat, is beaming somewhere. Butter is back, and when you’re looking for a few chunks of pork for a stew, you can resume searching for the best pieces — the ones with the most fat. Eventually, your friends will stop glaring at you as if you’re trying to kill them. That the worm is turning became increasingly evident a couple of weeks ago, when a meta-analysis published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that there’s just no evidence to support the notion that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease. (In fact, there’s some evidence that a lack of saturated fat may be damaging.) The researchers looked at 72 different studies and, as usual, said more work — including …

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Look Up

I know it has nothing to do with Cross-Fit but I think it’s a very important message. I see so many people do it everywhere all the time. A couple in a restaurant do it, a family sitting together do it, even mommies in the playground do it, they look down at their phone instead of the person who’s in front of them. It’s time to put the phone down and really look at the person who’s sitting next to you. Look Up

Gym Etiquette

Some apply, some don’t. They are all important in terms of safety and respect for yourself and your fellow gym members, as well as taking care of epuipment. Written by Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. The way you treat the equipment in your gym says a lot about you, not just as an athlete, but as a person. Whether or not you know it, you’re being judged, and if it’s by me, it’s probably harshly. For those of you with good hearts, but not enough experience to know proper facility etiquette yet, here is a handy list of rules to help you take care of the gym you train in, show the people around you that you care, and be safe. Back Away from the Squat Rack If you’re doing an exercise using a squat rack, whether it’s squatting, jerking, …

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Younger Skin Through Exercise

Exercise not only appears to keep skin younger, it may also even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising late in life, according to surprising new research. As many of us know from woeful experience, our skin changes as the years advance, resulting in wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging. This occurs because of changes within our layers of skin. After about age 40, most of us begin to experience a thickening of our stratum corneum, the final, protective, outer layer of the epidermis, itself the top layer of your skin. The stratum corneum is the portion of the skin that you see and feel. Composed mostly of dead skin cells and some collagen, it gets drier, flakier and denser with age. At the same time, the layer of skin beneath the epidermis, the dermis, begins to thin. It loses …

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